Help for Veterans

What health care is available for Veterans?

You may qualify for health care through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

What does Veterans Affairs (VA) health care offer?

Enrollment in the VA health care system means:

  • Medical care rated among the best in the United States.
  • Immediate health care coverage. Veterans may apply for VA health care enrollment at any time.
  • Coverage that can go with you if you travel or move, with more than 1,700 places to get care.
  • Meeting the new requirement to have health care coverage.

How do you apply?

If you are not enrolled in VA health care, you can apply online on the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website.

For help or to check the status of an application, call 1-877-222-8387 (VETS).

Learn about the benefits you could have as an enrolled Veteran with the VA Health Benefits Explorer.

If you are enrolled in VA health care, you don’t need to do anything more to meet the Affordable Care Act health care law coverage standards. The health care law does not change VA health benefits or Veterans’ out-of-pocket costs.

Where to learn more

Find out more about the Affordable Care Act and VA health care.

Read answers to frequently asked questions.

Download materials from VA Healthcare ACA Spread the Word.

What other help is available for Veterans?

Virginia Veteran and Family Support Program

Virginia Veteran and Family Support (VVFS) program in the Virginia Department of Veterans Services (DVS) offers free help finding VA services and community resources statewide.

Call 1-877-285-1299 or 1-804-371-4675.

Or go to

VVFS offers:

  • In person and phone individual and family care coordination and peer support services
  • Help finding VA and community behavioral health services
  • Connection to employment and benefits services
  • Couples and family assistance

     To learn more, go to

Veterans Navigator

Find educational materials, support programs and other resources for Virginia’s nearly 725,000 Veterans and their families and caregivers at

The website offers tips and services for getting U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs benefits, employment programs, housing support, mental health, educational programs, legal help, and more.