Staying healthy when pregnant

The health of you and your baby is important during your pregnancy. From the time you get pregnant until you give birth everything you eat or drink, do or don’t do, affects your unborn baby. A healthy start in life begins before birth. In fact, a healthy start begins with a good diet and exercise even before pregnancy.

Because half of all pregnancies aren’t planned, it’s important to take care of your health  even before you are pregnant. If you know you are pregnant, or think you might be pregnant, make a medical appointment with a doctor or clinic as soon as possible.

Your health care provider will do a checkup and tests to make sure you and your baby are healthy. It’s important to see your health care provider in the first month of your pregnancy. Then get regular checkups.

The first trimester (three months) of your pregnancy is important! Your baby’s brain, heart, spinal cord, lungs, eyes, ears, arms, legs, fingers and toes are developing. The sooner you visit your doctor, nurse practitioner or certified nurse midwife, the better chance you have for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

You also get dental benefits during your pregnancy through Virginia Medicaid. Dental services are through the Smiles for Children program. For help finding a dentist or to learn more, call Smiles For Children at 1-888-912-3456. Also read the [PDF] Guide to Dental Coverage.

It is important to report the birth of your baby and enroll your newborn in health coverage as soon as possible. To learn more, go to Enroll a newborn.

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