Our Programs

Learn about Virginia Medicaid low-cost and no-cost health coverage programs.

Am I eligible?

Use the Eligibility Screening Tool. Answer a few questions to find out which health care coverage may be available to you.

Insurance for Children

Learn about health coverage programs for children who qualify.

Insurance for Adults

Adults who are age 65 or older or are disabled or blind may qualify for full Medicaid.

Premium Assistance

Virginia has three premium assistance programs that help pay for all or part of the costs of employer-sponsored health insurance

Help for Veterans

Learn what health care is available for Veterans, what Veterans Affairs (VA) health care offers and more.​

Health coverage for non-citizens

Non-citizens who meet other eligibility requirements such as income and have an eligible immigration status may qualify for free or low-cost health coverage.

Hospital Presumptive Eligibility

What is Hospital Presumptive Eligibility (HPE) and who qualifies for it?