Cover Virginia Incarcerated Unit (CVIU)

In order to assist the Department of Corrections, Department of Juvenile Justice and the Regional/Local Jails we have included a guide that will walk you through the Medicaid application process for incarcerated individuals. You may download a copy here:

[PDF] Medicaid Application Process Guide for Correctional Facilities

[PDF] CVIU Communication Form

We have also incorporated material from the Medicaid Application Process Guide into a quick reference guide. You may download a copy here:

[PDF] Medicaid Incarceration Application Quick Reference Guide


Great News!

Renewals: Over the past two years, the Public Health Emergency suspended Medicaid renewals and allowed continuous Medicaid coverage to ensure individuals were able to receive medical services during the pandemic. Continuous coverage for Medicaid ends on March 31, 2023.

Beginning on April 1, 2023, eligibility for Medicaid must be evaluated for renewal every 12 months. Anyone with Medicaid coverage, including individuals who are incarcerated, must renew their Medicaid coverage annually for continual coverage.

Renewals will take place over the course of the year based on an enrollee’s coverage termination date. They are not all due at the same time this spring (2023).

  • Most renewals can be processed Ex Parte (automatically). For these renewals, your facility will receive a Notice of Action for continued coverage by mail for enrollees whose coverage is renewed.
  • For other enrollees, your facility will receive a Renewal Packet in the mail. This should be completed and returned via email ( or mailed within 30 days. Enrollees can also complete the renewal application by calling the CVIU Call Center at 1-833-818-8752. There is a 90 day Reconsideration Period in case this is not possible. Once the returned Renewal Packet is processed, your facility will receive a Notice of Action for continued coverage or a Notice of Action with an explanation of why coverage is terminated. If an enrollee does not return a Renewal Packet. They may reapply for Medicaid at any time.

Please see the Renewal Process CVIU Handout for additional information or call the CVIU Call Center at 1-833-818-8752.

Renewal Process Presentation